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"The More I Know About beer,
The More I Realize
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Rob Moline

This page provides links to resources related to becoming a BJCP certified beer judge. The Hogtown Brewers are proud too have a significant number members who are BJCP certified judges with years of experience judging AHA sponsored Homebrew Competition at the local state and national level. It takes some effort to become a BJCP judge, but the rewards are numerous:

• It hepls to improve your understanding and appreciation of the wide variety of beer styles brewed around the world;

• It helps you to become a better brewer and to identify and/or prevent problems with the beers you brew;

• It provides the opportunity to travel to competitions around the State of Florida, where you can judge, learn, and share your brewing experiences - and beers - with fellow homebrewers. And did we mention mention that attending beer competitions is a thouroughly enjoyable way to spend a weekend?

Membership in the Hogtown Brewers provides the opportunity to learn how to judge beers, meads and ciders with help from our experienced judges. We encourage ALL members to try their hand at stewarding and judging at In-club competitions, the Hogtown Brew-Off, and AHA competitions around the state. As your experience level increases you may decide to take a class to prepare for the Beer Judge Certification Program exam.

Our club periodically conducts study classes to help prepare those taking the exam for the first time, and those who have taken the exam and want to qualify for a higher level of certification. This page will provide notices of study classes organized by the Hogtown Brewers, and other clubs in the region, and contact information about testing dates for those who plan to take the exam.

Updated: 2/19/08
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